2017/18 Sessions:

Sunday, November  12th: 9am-12pm
Sunday, January 14th: 9am-12pm

Sunday, February 25th: 1-4pm
Sunday, April 15th: 1pm-4pm

3 Hour Session!

Join our DNTC instructors for a fun, intensive session of drills designed to develop speed, agility and endurance on the court. There is a 4:1
player to coach ratio and they will also share tips on technique and strategies for more effective point play. It’s like being at a resort
in Florida without the humidity! Snacks and drinks provided!

A Time to Drill

3 hour Schedule

Cost: $60 + HST


Complete Solutions

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Whether you are on the road to recovery or the path to a healthier you, we are here to help. At Strada, we have a full team of professionals
that are ready to tailor to your individual needs. We offer everything required to live a vibrant healthy life including chiropractic,
personal training, massage therapy, and physiotherapy, in a modern therapeutic environment.

Our therapists are committed to ongoing continuing education and professional development to provide you with the highest quality evidence
informed and patient centred care.

Our goal is to enhance your healthcare experience by providing you with the tools and support needed on your journey to optimal health.